Sharing my personal experience with the digital drawing journey.

I created this mini-course for all the curious folk who are interested in expanding their creativity through digital drawing, yet might be unsure where to start.

I’m no expert - but in this offering I share my resources and steps on how I began this journey which has led me onwards to become a budding full time artist / designer.

This course includes basic tips on physical + digital materials, a few procreate basics but most importantly it includes my reflections on the philosophy of finding your own style and rhythm with this medium.

I want to offer my personal approach and reflection on this particular path in hopes that it inspires your own excitement to jump into the world of digital expression.

This course is for you if:

⁘ You wish to explore drawing digitally on an iPad + the app Procreate and are unsure where to start.

⁘ You are a beginner with digital art.

⁘ You are interested in sharing your art online.

⁘ You like discussions centred around creativity and it's nuances.

⁘ You value personal experience over generic information.

⁘ You might be curious about making products or starting a small business with your art passion.

With over 8 years of experience in being a profitable creative, join me as I expand my voice into teaching what I know. My aim is to empower others to find confidence in their own artistic paths.

My first ever self-paced online course "Digital Drawing Basics" teaches the audience on how to use the fundamentals of the iOS app Procreate and takes them on a philosophical journey into my personal experiences and tips for the modern creative.

Touching on topics such as finding your style, monetising your work, tapping into creativity, the pros and cons of digital mediums, sharing online and more. This is intended as a "cheat sheet" for any budding creatives curious about expanding their artistic potential.

It's essentially everything I would have liked to learn from a fellow experienced creative a few years ago when just starting out.

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What the first participants have to say about the course:

“There is so much to be gained from this course, I almost feel as if procreate knowledge comes as a second source of wisdom. The mechanics have been thoughtfully and playfully described, but you also receive a poetic journey of watching an artists becoming and the depths a new creative practice can take you to.

The personal details of this course make you feel as if you’re sitting right across from Vero, having a late night chat and the downloads of creative inspiration are coming at you so fast that I was eternally grateful for a pause button. 

As someone who is both not technologically savvy and who has never opened procreate, I have been inspirited to enter this digital landscape, equipped with Vero’s tips, tricks and angelic laugh in my head! So thankful !! I have no doubt this is like no other digital drawing course you’ve ever taken, “worth it” is an understatement.“

⁘ Emma M, Canada

“This course is an absolute work of art in and of itself. Vero is a natural teacher and mentor, her approach is down to earth and succinct! She touches on all the basics and also dives into many important aspects of being a creative, on and offline. I highly recommend this course for anyone who is just starting out but feels the calling to design their own digital art, wether they are an artist themselves or a business wanting to explore creating their own logos, or just for the heck of it — it’s totally worth the investment.”

⁘ Liana M, Lithuania

“I have recently been diving into @verocoya’s online art/procreate course and it has been so lovely. I’ve been inspired by Vero’s art since discovering her on Instagram back in 2019, I have forever been in awe of her practice and her approach to play/philosophy when it comes to creative expression. One section of the course I found particularly helpful was about honouring other artists’ work and not copying them but actually engaging with them, letting them know you’ve been inspired by them and having that dialogue back and forth. Vero has given me the confidence to explore my own artistic endeavours with Mermaid Lagoon Art and I actually created some digital mandalas (via procreate) which I sold on Etsy - all thanks to being inspired by Vero’s digital artwork and her showing up in the world as an Artist. I’m very grateful for her presence on this platform and have learnt so much.”

⁘ Louise A, UK

”I purchased @verocoya’s Digital Drawing Basics course today and a few lessons in, I feel the urge of sharing how much I am loving it. If you are interested in drawing digitally and are wondering where to start, Vero’s course is a wonderful place. She shares handy tips and tricks and discusses all the tools you need to begin + she shares her philosophy on art, starting your own art biz and more. I haven’t finished but I already feel all the information she gives will be so valuable and inspiring. Thank you Vero. 🤎”

⁘ Caro D, Belgium

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